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Janie Behr speaks on many business and leadership topics. Her Webinars and Coaching are for professional or personal development. Content and message can be custom designed to address whatever issues a particular business or organization is facing, or can be selected from topics that she speaks on regularly. These include specific performance issues for individuals, leaders and teams, interpersonal skills, or health and wellness. Workshops can either be presented with a business and leadership focus, or with an integrated approach for both business and personal life growth.

When you engage a speaker, you want someone knowledgeable, credible, motivational, and fun. Thanks to Janie Behr's lively and informal style and the empowering "suit yourself" theme that underlies all of her presentations, her audiences invariably leave inspired, enthusiastic and energized to make positive changes in their careers and their lives.

The rules of the game were't written by and for women, so we're not hardwired with them like men are. We have to realize that they exist, figure them out and make them work for us. She shares the evolution of her personal and professional life with the emphasis on the challenges she faced and the multitude of lessons she learned along the way.

Janie uses examples and lessons learned from her highly successful 20-year business career to illustrate messages and make them more personal, more compelling, and easier for audiences to understand and follow. And all of her talks are interactive and full of practical tools and tips for putting theory into action today and every day.

Janie's Book

Janie Behr knows from personal experience what life is like without color, without independence and without happiness. In 2003, Janie was diagnosed with advanced-stage glaucoma, which quickly began turning her once color-filled world to a dark and lonely place. Read chapter one...
Then, Janie painted her walls green!
  only $18 (plus shipping)

  A donation for each book sold will be
  sent to the Glaucoma Foundation.