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I find this a very interesting question with our economy the way it is today. So many people walking around 24 hours a day scared all the time…”Dooms day is coming: It’s going to be as bad as 1929

Do we know that for sure?

Can you do anything to change the course of what’s happening on Wall Street or in the White House?

Be a responsible citizen and vote. Do what you can and let go of the worry. You can only change things in your life, your surroundings, and your inner world.

Can you do anything to change the market or the number of housing foreclosures? No, but if everyone would change one thing in their lives from negative to positive, eventually our culture would change. Our society is stuck in sludge!

You can make changes one change at a time, but these changes come with action not with “worry and anxiety.” Then why obsess and read all the financials about Wall Street and the Market; why talk about it all day every day.?

  • Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and let go of the anxiety during this time of the “market crisis”.
  • Don’t change your normal routine.
  • Have fun and don’t dwell on what you can’t change
  • Don’t change your lifestyle.
  • What goes up must come down so what goes down must come up.
  • Stay close to a positive support system that makes you smile and laugh.
  • Negativism breeds more negativism.
  • Don’t go to a pity party for stock holders.
  • Stay away from guilt and fear mongrels.
  • When someone says “did you see the market today?” Answer with “Is there anything I can do to change it…then why worry” (a little shock therapy).

So, my advice to those who want to stay stuck in financial fear…go right ahead. I value every moment of my life and celebrate and appreciate where I am today. The future is not here and the past is gone so all I have is the present. And that is what this moment right now is …a present…a gift!

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