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6 ways you sabotage your desire to live a life of abundance

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Are you one of the many people who sabotage your ability to create more financial prosperity in your life? Our thoughts, (negative or positive) become automatic over time and create our reality. It is important to become aware of the messages we give ourselves that either attract or detract what we want more of in our lives.
Be aware of these five big money mistakes we make in attracting & allowing more of it into our lives:

  • If you’re familiar with the law of attraction, you know you get what you worry about. Worry about money, and you’ll get more to worry about money! This is the number one culprit to being financially strapped for most people.
  • These limiting beliefs keep financial abundance from you
  • Have you thought or said the following? It takes money to make money; Money doesn’t grow on trees; you’ve got to work hard for your money.
  • Hoarding cash is not a vibration that allows more money to flow into your life. When you’re stingy with money, it is stingy with you.
  • One thing you can count on is that you get what you expect! So expect ABUNDANCE! Do you think the estimate from the car shop will be more than you can afford. Can you pay your mortgage this month?
  • If you change the tape in your head, and consciously acknowledge the wealth in your life you will bring more abundance into your life

We get what we think about.

If you want more money, give up your old beliefs and adopt new ones: “I’m a money magnet!” Count your blessings, Count your blessings, and Count your blessings! If you’ve had trouble with finances in the past, know it can be different. Expect it, and allow for a new experience.

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