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Today our world is full of stories about sadness and scarcity. What can you do to counteract all this negativity? The answer is clear―surround yourself with positivity. Easier said than done, right? Believe me, it is as easy as socializing with positive people. Once you surround yourself with positive vibrations, you will again feel the rhythm in your life regain its equilibrium. Everything will become clear and you will see the same task with a positive attitude.

Where can you find them? That is actually an easy question. Positive people are everywhere, at the grocery store, the drugstore, your work, or just walking down the street. That’s right, even the person right beside you at this very moment could actually give off the positive aura that could inspire you to lessen the negative vibration surrounding you or even within you. My wonderful, loving dogs Sam and Sophie bring so much joy to everyone they meet. They bring light, love, companionship, comfort, and smiles to my heart every day. By watching my dogs interact with people, I see firsthand how positive energy can drive away negativity. This sense of positivity is very important to keep alive in the world today. Sometimes you will find yourself less motivated and be looking for that spark to get back on track. However, that spark won’t come to you—you have to find it yourself.

At fifty-five years young, I finally found the undeniable truth, that there is no better time to be happy than right now. Our lives will always be filled with challenges and obstacles. These obstacles are both the joys and sorrows in our lives. But in spite of these obstacles we should strive to find happiness and satisfaction in the daily routine of living. Happiness is to be discovered along the way, it is not the end result at the finishing line. Treasure each day, find happiness in little things like the smell of a flower, a beautiful sunset, a kiss from a loved one, a call from a friend, a walk in the park, the sight of children playing, or just taking your loving pet for a walk. The experiences we take for granted every day are too numerous to list. You don’t have to wait until the kids grow older or until you retire or until you get promoted or can afford to move, or until Sunday or until next week.

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