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Meeting President Bush in the Oval Office

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I went to visit my son Daniel in DC. He works in the Office of Management and Budget during President Bush’s administration. Daniel and his parents were invited to the Oval Office to meet the President.

There are no words adequate to describe the experience I had in Washington. It was surreal. Almost like I was watching myself go through the motions of the entire day. Of course it was wonderful to spend time with Daniel and his roommate is very nice and there was no problem with me staying at Daniels apartment. It was large enough.

We got to Washington DC on Tuesday afternoon and wouldn’t you know it, the airline lost my luggage. We walked around a little, rested and Joel and Daniel went to dinner. I brought my dogs, Sam and Sophie. The dogs and I relaxed and took it easy. Thank goodness, my luggage got there late Tuesday night.

Tuesday morning, Daniel went into work as usual at 8 and Joel, Daniel’s roommate, picked me up around noon. We showed our IDs at the entrance to the White House, and then security searched us just like we were searched at the airport. We got a badge and entered The White House! We took alot of pictures. It was really fascinating to think of all the people who had been where I was standing.

The energy, the feeling of being there was like nothing else I ever felt…maybe Buckingham Palace in England, but I was only 11 when I was there.

Daniel, my son, came downstairs to get us. We went up to his office and met everyone he works with, which was fun. We met his boss, Jim Nussle, the head of the Finance for Defense. We even saw Karl Rove. Many others who work for the President were there with their relatives. It was so nice to be there. So, many people like Daniel, admire Daniel and spoke very highly of Daniel. It was a very proud moment for me.

Daniel showed us around and then it was time to head over to the Rooselvelt Room and then the Oval Office. I can’t fully describe what that felt like…..George Bush was charming, handsome and had a great smile. He looked kind and sincere. It was a George Bush I never knew existed. So, my thought process totally changed…..its not the man I didn’t like, it is the policies.

When we first walked in…he said “Hi Daniel” and thanked him for his service. Daniel introduced us and the President shook our hands as the photographer was snapping candid pictures. The President was totally engaging, having a conversation the whole time, The President asked us where we are from and we said “Kentucky.” I asked him what his plans were and he said, “I’m going to TEXAS!“, with a glee in his eye.

Then he took my hand and we posed for a picture in front of his desk. Wow…… it was something else!

I plan to journal about the experience because this is something I want to remember.

It was a great day!

P.S. Pictures are coming!

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