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One of my own personal dreams has been to go see Oprah. I really admire how she has lead the way in our culture, how she is a woman of influence. I think it would be so amazing to not only be in her audience, and even better what an honor it would be to sit and share conversation.

Recently I had the honor of going to see our current President. My son worked in the Office of Management and Budget during President George W. Bush’s administration. As his mother I of course am so proud of his accomplishments – which by the way didn’t come easy – that’s a story for another time.


There were other relatives who didn’t think so much of it. They said to me, “What are you going to see the President? Why are you wasting your money?” Why is it that those who are negative feel the need to impose their negative influence on others?

I flew to Washington DC and met with my son and the President. This visit was one of the great highlights of my life – especially as a very proud parent. I was impressed with George W. Bush, the man. I had the opportunity to talk with him. He was a very different man than what is typically portrayed in the evening news. My political views aside, he is an extraordinary man of influence.

There is a powerful energy that is experienced in the company of a person of influence. There are many remarkable leaders and people of influence. Take some time to see out an educator, a spiritual or political leader, or a good friend of influence. Be inspired by their example and reach for your own dreams.

Tell me who inspires you. Who would you go to lunch with if you could go with anyone, from this century or past centuries spend time with?

The foundation for changing your life is to change your thinking. You are today what you thought about in all of your yesterdays. Here is a tool that will help you begin to change your thinking; take a look at Think “Right” Now.

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