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What is the one thing you always feel like you don’t have enough of?

You got it –

We all want more money. First, let me say that it is perfectly okay to want more money. Money makes it possible for you to pay your bills, buy nice things and then create more bills so you can buy nicer things. It’s a game that we all play. Yes, we venture out and give to charities. We invest in businesses and some money we just plain give away for no good reason – much like the interest we pay to credit card companies. However, have you really analyzed how much money you WANT versus how much money you really NEED?

Honestly, do you really NEED all that money you claim you want? The answer is “not really.” So let’s X out the whole “Need Excuse”- shall we?

Check this out. If you had all the money you ever wanted, what would you do with it? Whenever I ask this question, I always get the same answer…”anything I want.” So when I ask the follow up question, “what is it that you want? Invariably, I hear the same laundry list of material items with varying detail. “I want to quit my job and travel the world.” “I want to buy a new car, a better house, and new clothes, etc.” The list goes on. So do you see what I mean? All we WANT are brighter, newer, shiner things!

Again, there is nothing wrong with bright, shiny and new. After all, a 2 carat princess cut diamond ring would look absolutely fabulous on my finger right now. However, it begs the question, do we really want the THING or do we really desire the feeling we get from that THING? Take a moment. Soak that in.

What we truly WANT is the security we get from having a plush bank account. We want the status we get from driving a fancy car or having a luxurious home. I want to feel absolutely fabulous with a 2 carat rock blinding people from a mile away. But I don’t need it. That ring will never determine my worth – although I probably could sell it later for a nice piece of change!

The truth is we are very affected by the societal factors present in our universe. We are creatures that desire approval from our fellow beings and sometimes that approval comes at a high cost. Talk about your debt to society! Unfortunately, we want what others have because for some reason what we already have just isn’t enough.

So here is my question for this week. How much is enough?

How much would it really take to make you happy and why? I am not here to judge that choice, but rather to help you acknowledge it. Maybe then you can focus your efforts on trying to attain it for the real reason you truly want it and stop pretending that you actually need it to move forward with your life.

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