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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Empty Nest Syndrome
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Janie Behr to be on Radio Show March 31, 2010. 12 noon.

Posted in Blog by Janie Behr

Janie will be interviewed on the Rachel Platt show on March 31st @12 noon Sign up for a free webinar or 6 week seminar to accompany the book. “Paint Your Walls Green, Six Keys to Unlock the Power of Positive Change”, is the true story of Janie’s personal journey after her 2003 diagnosis of advanced-stage glaucoma.

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Paint Your Walls Green by Janie Behr- Available Now!

Posted in Blog by Janie Behr

Paint Your Walls Green is destined to help readers create an authentic life – and Janie Behr’s words of inspiration will serve as a guide. Behr helps readers overcome the challenges that plague the lives of many in today’s society. Individuals who: Are always tired, stressed and/or overwhelmed Have lost themselves or their jobs and want

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Finding Happiness: Louisville Author, Janie Behr, to Release New Book

Posted in Blog by Janie Behr

Paint Your Walls Green – 6 Keys to Unlock the Power of Positive Change Available Now!     ISBN: 978-1-59374-230-3 Louisville, KY— Janie Behr knows from personal experience what life is like without color, without independence and without happiness. In 2003, Behr was diagnosed with advanced-stage glaucoma, which quickly began turning her once color-filled world to a dark and

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